Is the SAFe DevOps Certification For Me?

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Scaled Agile, Inc has a new certification course called SAFe DevOps. Is this course right for you, your career or your organization? Find out more below!


Welcome to Course Chats. This web series is designed to answer a simple, yet critical question: Is this particular certification course right for me? While this question doesn’t sound that difficult, it quickly becomes challenging when you realize that most agile-related courses hover around, or exceed $1000 per seat. That may not be too bad if your boss is paying for it, but when the bill lands in your lap, well here we are, then.

One more quick note: At no point will the information presented in this article be a substitute for actually sitting through the course under question. We are going to be taking a very high-level overview of the content and spending more time talking about how this certification fits in your career path. As such, some of what I’m about to post will be my own humble opinion.

In today’s article we are looking at one of the newest certification classes out there, and a really hot topic as well, Scaled Agile, Inc’s SAFe DevOps course. Without a doubt DevOps is, rightfully, the darling of the agile world these days. So what is this new certification that’s coming out of Boulder?

Let’s run through the details: This is a two-day course that will provide you with a solid understanding of what DevOps is, and how it plays in a corporate environment. During the course you will be taking a long look at Continuous Exploration, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Release on Demand and SAFe’s CALMR approach to DevOps. Additionally you will be exposed to value streams and how to execute an implementation plan for improving your organization’s delivery pipeline.

Sitting through the course comes with the opportunity to pass a new test and get the SDP, the new DevOps certification. Given the reach of SAFe, it will be a pretty good bet that this will be a powerful certification as agilists around the world realize the power of DevOps and get onboard with this game-changing approach to delivery. If you would like to get the entire course description from the Scaled Agile website, you can find it here.

That’s a great bit of detail, but let’s talk about the meat of this thing. Is the SAFe DevOps course right for you? I believe that in many cases the answer will be, ‘Yes’. Let me explain.

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