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Percent CA: The Hidden Gem of Processes

Percent CA (%CA) is a great little tool that is a huge part of process mapping, and speaks directly to the quality of the work that your teams are doing.

Would you be willing to take a $10 million dollar F1 car off-roading in the mountains?

Agile lessons from the good Dr? Sure, why not? He wasn’t specifically writing for agile folks but there are lessons there… if you know where to look.

And why this is THE reason for feature teams…

Creative teams can learn best from the new things, not from repetition. Because of this you need to create an environment where creative failure is NOT failure, but a learning opportunity…

Boson: A force-carrying particle of elementary physics.

What is the part of Scrum that holds the whole shebang together?

I believe that the “Builder’s View” is the single most important concept you’ll come across this year. Bold statement? Sure, but I’ll stand by it.

What is the differences between product and process?

How a major, high-risk blocker put a huge grin on my face.

Agile is about speed, right? Then why do we waste so much time estimating?