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50 %

Improved Time to Market

35 %

Core Productivity Gains

50 %

Reduction of Defects

30 %

Stronger Team Motivation


The numbers above represent industry-standard results from implementing the practices and frameworks that we promote, and our clients see the same results! Entire careers have been made on just a single one of these improvements. Allison Agile can offer upgrades across all four: time to market, productivity, defect reduction and employee engagement/motivation. Reach out to us today if these sound like something that your organization could use.

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An Agile Transformation
- 35% Increase in team productivity
- 50% faster time to market
- 30% improved employee engagement

To A Higher Level of Agility
- Sharpen basic skills or advanced
- Executive, Leadership, or Teams coaching
- Personal coaching with a focus on performance

In The SAFe 5.0 Framework
- Over 90% pass rate
Private classes on request
- Weekend and evening classes

Once you have decided to take your organization agile, you are faced with an incredibly tough hurdle: Which of the dozens of agile consulting groups should you trust? Here are the top 3 reasons to trust Allison Agile:


1. Experience

Our CEO, Lee Allison, has been involved in the IT industry since he left the Navy in 1995. Throughout the years since, he's worked at every level of IT and seen pretty much all that this industry has to offer: mergers, revolutions, crashes, bubbles, expansions, booms and so much more. Regardless of the challenge currently facing your organization, he has probably been directly involved in the same challenge, or seen something pretty close to it throughout his tenure in the IT world. Along with him, all of our consultants are field-tested and certified by some of the best regarded certification houses in the industry. In other words, if you are looking for a seasoned team to help you survive and thrive in the upcoming changes, we are it!

 Lee, assisting a management team in reviewing PI plans.

2. Values

What is it that takes an organization from simply doing agile, to actually being agile? From our point of view, it is the values and principles that do it. You should not be paying for a consulting group to simply come in and put a bunch of meetings on everyone's calendar and annoint a couple of people to be scrum masters, then call it a day. That is simple, easy to do, and will not solve your challenges. That is what we refer to as 'doing agile'. Who needs that? What you want is for your organization to BE agile. In other words, a group that can gracefully respond to change. Note the word 'gracefully'. That is an important concept. We all adjust to change, but some do it better than others. This grace under pressure approach is what we build for our customers. THIS is being agile, and we can help you gracefully repond to your changes. 


3. Customer Centricity

In today's world of dog-eat-dog competition, you require that your teams and products always focus on satisfying the customer. Why would you settle for anything less in your consultant? Since our inception, Allison Agile has been solely focused on giving our customers the support and coaching that is required to do agile right. We embraced this customer centricity in our earliest days when we commited to never cancelling a certification course. Course only get cancelled when the training group will not make a suitable profit on them, and that is a poor experience for the customer. So we never do that. This customer centricity extends to our coaching and consulting. In everything we do, we want to embrace the core manifesto value of "Customer collaboration over contract negotiation."




All three of these reasons add up to an easy decision:


Allison Agile will get you the experience and training you need as you and your organization become agile!

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