The whole collection of the writings, musings and rants that I've posted to the site.


  • Agile Theory

    Agile Theory

    All articles in this category tend toward theory more than practical application. I'll hit some pretty esoteric topics here, so buckle on your thinking cap and come along!

  • Agile Practice

    Agile Practice

    Nuts and bolts - In your face - School of Hardknocks. I've got it all in this category, but its all about the practical application of Scrum and Agile practices.

  • Consulting


    All of these babies are articles dealing with my experiences and adventures while running Allison Agile. 

  • Commentary


    My thoughts on other articles I run into around the web. There's some great stuff being written, and not so great. Consider this category your guide.

  • Book Reports

    Book Reports

    I read. A lot. Here are reviews of some of the best Agile books on the market.

  • CertQuest
  • The Big Room