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Welcome to Allison Agile! My name is Lee Allison and viewing this discipline as an art is the only approach that makes sense to me.

I believe that Agile is best implemented as an art form. Certainly I bring the basic Agile tools to my engagements; the meetings and backlogs and such. But there is so much more to a really great implementation. I bring two decades of professional IT experience and a deep understanding of people along with me when I come into a new environment. Since the very core of all Agile disciplines comes down to the people involved, and making their lives and work better, this belief that Agile is best expressed as an art puts me in a unique position to implement Agile in your shop with an incredibly human touch.

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Lee Allison
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Lee is an experienced Agilist and IT professional who loves the people-centric nature of Agile practices. He and his awesome family live in Austin, TX where they watch the Cowboys, brew beer, laugh and wish the weather weren't so damn hot!